President Armengol of the Balearics receive a first dose of vaccine

President Armengol, who had her first jab on Saturday.

30-05-2021Govern Illes Balears

Between Monday and Wednesday this week, the Balearics will take delivery of 116,390 vaccine doses. This will be the highest weekly number since shipments of vaccine started at the end of last year.

The 116,390 doses comprise 66,690 Pfizer, 33,100 AstraZeneca, 9,000 Janssen, and 7,600 Moderna. The health ministry's aim this week is to administer some 70,000 second doses and 46,000 first doses. The latter will include the Janssen vaccines that don't require a second dose.

IB-Salut says that most of the first doses will be for people born between 1971 and 1976. Around 30,000 people in this age group currently have an appointment this week. By Monday week, a third of the age group will have received a first dose.

President Armengol, who was born in 1971, is one to have been received a first dose. This was on Saturday afternoon at the Germans Escalas mass vaccination centre in Palma. Regarding this week's delivery, she has tweeted that it is "good news" and will allow the opening of an additional vaccination centre at Son Espases Hospital.

An average of 16,500 vaccines per day will be administered, well above what has been the average.


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nigel / Hace 8 months

Lets hope the regular update returns, and the header is updated, or has the Government stopped issuing daily figures as they are so poor!


James w / Hace 8 months

So judging by your silly vaccination count that I would prefer not to be apart of, it looks to me there is plenty of vaccines but no uptake because your count barely moves from day to day.?


sayhi / Hace 8 months

masks and social distancing continue yet vaccines being rolled out.. oh ye, they said '' they aren't going to stop you catching or spreading the virus'', so what is the point, just jump on the train with all the sheep... curfews remain by this woman above pushing perpetually. none of it makes any sense but it is not supposed to just that '' stupid is the new normal''. ill give it a skip being healthy an all.