Some 80% of contracts in May were temporary. | Europa Press


There were 75,351 unemployed in the Balearics in May, a fall of 6,715 (8.2%) from April and 0.9% higher than May 2020 (662 more unemployed). Compared with May 2019, however, the rise was 93.7%. It is the highest unemployment figure for May since 2013, when there were 76,124 unemployed in the Balearics.

There were more women than men unemployed - 41,522 versus 33,829 - and 9,116 of the total unemployed were under the age of 25; youth unemployment has gone up 131% compared with May 2019.

Compared with April, unemployment fell in all sectors. In services there were 6,167 fewer unemployed (a total of 57,295). Construction had 359 fewer unemployed - a total of 3,063; industry 176 fewer (3,063); agriculture 84 fewer (1,056).

There were 30,706 new employment contracts last month, an increase of 172% compared with last year and 50% more than in April. Of the 30,706 contracts, the great majority (24,938) were temporary. The 5,768 permanent contracts represented a 152% increase compared with May last year, while the temporary contracts were up 177%. So far this year, there have been 101,917 new contracts, of which 81% have been temporary.