Celestino Rodríguez in court in Palma. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

Celestino Rodríguez, who was last week found guilty of the murder of Veronika Hoffmann in Colonia Sant Jordi in September 2019, has been sentenced to twenty years.

The jury had found it proven that the 61-year-old had stabbed her with a kitchen knife in various parts of the body. This was at around 6.30am on September 22, 2019 at Veronika Hoffmann's home, where he was staying. He had been drinking, but the court determined that he had fully retained his faculties and had understood what he was doing.

She was unable to defend herself, such was the surprise nature of the assault. Although it was not proven that they were a couple living together, the verdict concluded that Celestino Rodríguez had committed acts "for reason of gender". Discrimination, inequality and power over the victim; these constituted an aggravating factor of gender.

He did confess to the murder, and this was taken into account when the sentence was passed. He has also been ordered to pay 100,000 euros compensation to both of Veronika Hoffmann's children.