Lord Jeffrey Archer at this home in Llucmajor

Lord Jeffrey Archer at this home in Llucmajor.

03-06-2021Pere Bota

Mallorca home owner, Lord Jeffrey Archer, reacted to the latest travel restrictios in place in Britain on British TV.

Lord Archer has written many of his latest bestsellers at his Mallorca home on the outskirts of Palma. His travel plans have been disrupted as a result of the Covid restrictions in Britain and Spain.


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Peter P / Hace 5 months

It would be of more interest to you readers to know if he was a resident or not. I say not.


Mark Badoer / Hace 5 months

"do traffic lights also confuse them?".....hahahahaha, now that made me laugh. Very funny!


Phil / Hace 5 months

It would be a lot less confusing if the Gov't said anyone with an IQ below 120 isn't allowed to go abroad whatsoever. That way the idiots are not confused and the brighter richer people can travel based on their understanding of the rules.


Tom / Hace 5 months

when will MDN stop writing about self serving lords, CEOs or travel companies and CEOs of airlines or directors of hotel groups... They all want to simply be making money or doing. what they want....and no one cares what they think! or want or believe to be the correct way forward with Covid, as its all self serving for their purposes.....their opinions have no value for the health and well being of the population ! Pls write more about the WHO, or what Viroligists are doing instead of serving these types of people .


John Law / Hace 5 months

Why are people so confused. They've been told that countries on the amber list are for essential travel only. If they ignored that and booked up for their basic holidays, are they now confused, what part did they not understand, - do traffic lights also confuse them ?


James T / Hace 5 months

That'll be the Jeffrey Archer that's a convicted perjurer and perverter of the course of justice?