The contentious stretch in Selva was only some 200 metres long. | Elena Ballestero


A Palma court has ruled in favour of Selva town hall's restoration of access to a section of the Inca-Lluc 'Camí Vell' (old road) that had been closed off. The court's decision now opens the way to trying to recover another section of the Arta to Lluc route; the Council of Mallorca's sustainability and environment department is determined to do this.

The plan for the Arta-Lluc GR222 hiking route to link the Llevant and Tramuntana mountain ranges now faces one major obstacle - the stretch between Santa Margalida and Inca is closed off. The sustainability and environment councillor, Aurora Ribot, says that following the court ruling that recovers the Inca-Caimari section, the aim is to open the Can Picafort to Inca stretch.

Selva town hall was taken to court by the owner of land on the Inca-Caimari section, the town hall having restored the right to access. The owner put up barriers to stop hikers, but his arguments were dismissed by the court. The town hall had acted "according to the law".