Tourists Arriving at Palma Airport. | P. Pellicer


It’s a busy time for Balearic Airports with 2,360 flights due to take off or land this weekend, according to Aena.

In Palma, 1,488 flights will arrive or depart between Friday and Sunday, which is 347 more than last weekend.

In Ibiza, 637 flights are expected, which is 157 more than last weekend.

In Minorca, 235 flights are scheduled, which is 85 more than last weekend.

415 of the flights are domestic and 1,073 are International.

On Friday a total of 729 planes took off or landed at Balearic Airports and 302 of them were domestic; 448 at Palma Airport, including 142 domestic flights; 201 at Ibiza Airport, including 100 domestic flights, and 80 at Mahón Airport, including 60 domestic flights.

On Saturday, a total of 750 flights are scheduled to take off or land at Balearic Airports and 236 of them are domestic; 484 at Palma Airport, including 126 domestic flights; 200 at Ibiza Airport, including 65 domestic flights, and 66 at Mahón, including 45 domestic flights.