Covid vaccine

Record number of vaccines now being administered per day.

10-06-2021Govern de les Illes Balears

Health minister Patricia Gómez has recognised that the vaccination of the 60 to 69 age group is "below average".

Addressing the Balearic parliament's health committee, Gómez accepted that there was room for improvement as only 83.3% of the age group has been vaccinated. There is one notable reason for this, however - this age group is receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine. "There are people we have called four or five times. They have told us that they don't trust this vaccine and that until they can opt for a different vaccine, they will not be vaccinated." This is the group that most concerns the health ministry in terms of intensive care admissions and possible deaths.

The minister explained that AstraZeneca poses the greatest challenge for the vaccination programme. From June 16, second doses will begin to be administered to the 53,000 people aged between 60 and 69 who have had the first dose. There are also some 32,000 people from various professional groups who have opted to have AstraZeneca as their second dose.

Gómez said that there are 56,000 AstraZeneca vaccines in store and that with the anticipated June shipment there will be sufficient doses. During June, more than 400,000 doses of different vaccines are scheduled to be delivered. On Wednesday, a record number of doses for one day were administered - 16,119.


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james / Hace 7 months

Anyone refusing to have the vaccine are a disgrace in my opinion.


Miriam / Hace 7 months

This is not up for discussion this is what your having take it or get covid the choice is yours


David McWilliam / Hace 7 months

Yes , and because I have private health insurance we are not being offered and vaccination even though I am 67 , my wife 64 and we have lived here as a retired couple for 12 years . Not a mention anywhere of people like us Mrs Armengol.


Majorca fan / Hace 7 months

Well this response is surprising given the clarity of message and glowing endorsement of this vaccine by the European Commission and a number of foolish national politicians. My wife and I have had both AZ shots mild flu symptoms nothing more. I am 65 my wife 63. Our reactions less than those I know vaccinated with Pfizer, certainly after the booster. There has been side effects some unfortunately serious with every vaccine.but the risk is less than catching the virus.