1-year-old Anna & 6-year-old Olivia. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


Police in Tenerife are still searching for a man who allegedly kidnapped his two daughters, put the body of 6 year old Olivia in a sports bag and tied it to an anchor on the seabed.

Tomás Gimeno picked up his two daughters at 17:00 as agreed with their mother, Beatriz and he was supposed to take them back at 21:00, but never showed up.

Beatriz then received a series of ‘phone calls from Gimeno warning her that she would never see the girls again and sent farewell messages to his father and his friends.

Beatriz and Gimeno’s father reported the incident to the Guardia Civil on Wednesday afternoon.

A search was launched at dawn the following morning and a baby’s car seat belonging to 1-year-old Anna was found floating in the sea.

Puerto Deportivo Marina CCTV footage of Tomás Gimeno on the day he disappeared, shows him arriving at the dock in his car at 09:30 and carrying bags, suitcases and clothes from his car to the boat.

He set sail just before 10:00 and returned to port at 11:30. He is then seen buying a charger at a petrol station nearby and charging the battery at the sports dock watchman's checkpoint. At 12:30 he set sail once again and has not been seen since.

Olivia's body was found on Thursday, 3 miles off the coast of Tenerife and 1,000 metres underwater, by a robot from the oceanographic vessel 'Ángeles Alvariño'.

Forensics are being carried out on a second empty sports bag that was found in the same location.

1-year-old Anna is still missing and the search for her is continuing.

The Guardia Civil says traces of blood found in the suspect’s bathroom have been confirmed as Tomás Gimeno’s.

Guardia Civil dogs that specialise in searching for biological remains have found nothing relevant at Gimeno’s property in Igueste de Candelaria or on his boat or in his car.

When the girls disappeared the Civil Guard thought Gimeno may have fled with the help of a third parties or that the bodies may have been thrown from the boat into the sea.

The ‘Ángeles Alvariño provided by the Spanish Institute of Oceanography has a side-sweeping radar and an underwater robot, which proved vital to the investigation and led to the discovery of Olivia’s body.