The Formentor street is to be “pacified” | E.B.


So long has the project for doing up part of Puerto Pollensa been on the table that you have to go back to the time when the UMP, Unió Mollera Pollencina, and Junts Avançam were talking to each other because they somehow happened to have arrived at a town hall pact of government.

Now two years into the current administration, and the UMP firmly allied with Tomeu Cifre’s Tots, the project has finally been out to tender. Just over a million euros - 1,079,468 to be precise - constitute the budget for what will be an enhancement of the church square and for what was once a “carretera” but has since been downgraded to a mere “calle”.

The Formentor road (main road) ceased to be a carretera when they built the ring road - and that was years ago. It helps that it is no longer a carretera, as that part of the million or so euros earmarked for it would never have been made available.

Or not for what the town hall now plans, that is. Formentor street, the stretch as far as Mendez Nuñez, is to be “pacified”. There will still be traffic, but greater priority is to be given to pedestrians.

The width of the pavements will be modified and these will not be raised. LED street lighting and benches will be installed. In the square, the surface is to be redone, using the wonder technique of sintered stone, which is that durable it’s virtually indestructible.

The eight winds of the Mediterranean compass, set in the centre of the square, is also to be redone, but with polished marble. The drains will be improved and there will be more landscaping and benches.