Customers on a terrace in Palma. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


Mallorca’s Nightlife Sector has been decimated by the coronavirus restrictions and even now, only places with a second activity licence can open, with a closing time of midnight and a maximum capacity of 10 people per table outdoors and 6 indoors.

The Balearic Government, employers and unions have been negotiating the reopening of the Sector for weeks and it looks like some restrictions may finally be relaxed.

New measures will be debated and agreed by the Government, CAEB, PIMEM, CCOO and the UGT at today’s Social Dialogue Table and should be approved on Friday.

The Government said last week that a pilot test will be carried out at a disco in Mallorca at the beginning of July and that people will be allowed to dance.

In the meantime, the gradual reopening of the Sector is being considered in Mallorca and other Communities, but although they will be allowed to stay open until 02:00 or 03:00, dance floor access will be highly restricted.


For weeks, the CAEB and PIMEM Catering Sectors have been demanding that they be allowed to open and CAEB Restauración President, Alfonso Robledo has called for the reopening of bars where there are no tables.

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"We are asking that customers be allowed to sit at the bar, with the necessary social distancing," he said. “Bar owners are really frustrated that they can’t open."

At today's meeting, CAEB President, Carmen Planas and PIMEM President, Jordi Mora, will demand that the current measures be relaxed in light of the positive epidemiological situation.

Planas is in favour of a faster de-escalation to kick start the economy and also insists that residents and tourists must be responsible.

Mora says a request for the relaxation of measures in the field of culture, parks and children's fair attractions will be made at this afternoon’s meeting.

"They have had no activity for more than a year and we demand that an action protocol be drawn up," he said.

Tourist Season

Carmen Planas is also demanding that the Government carry out promotions in issuing markets and says that because the season has started late, it should finish as late as possible.