Wearing masks in Mallorca

Various regions have asked for a relaxation of mask-wearing requirements.

15-06-2021Miquel À. Cañellas

Javier Arranz, the spokesperson for the regional infectious diseases committee, said on Tuesday that the Balearic Islands are in a good enough situation to be able to abandon the obligatory wearing of masks outdoors.

On Wednesday, the Inter-Territorial Council for the National Health System will discuss this matter, with the national public health commission due to provide its recommendations.

Various regions have requested that the wearing of masks outdoors should no longer be compulsory. Arranz explained that the Balearics will not be making a specific request but that a decision to remove the obligation "would not pose any problem to us".

He added that an easing of requirements for wearing a mask is a decision to be taken at national level and that any decision must take into account the situation in all regions. Arranz stressed that "it would not mean we can kiss and hug everyone". "We are only thinking about removing a restriction. The summer is coming and there is a good deal of mobility, so we must not forget the basic measures for preventing infections."

"What would concern us now is that not wearing masks outdoors will be confused with not taking other protective measures. It would be one thing to take it off on the street and another for people going into a shop or bar without it."


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Rich / Hace 7 months

The figures I use in my earlier comment are per annum.


Rich / Hace 7 months

As a sidebar. How many deaths from covid worldwide would be acceptable ? The number for influenza is 650,000. Being realistic I would suggest we multiply this figure by covids mortality rate. Thus if covids rate is 3x that of flu then a total mortality of 1,950,000 would be acceptable as an endgame figure.


Henrik / Hace 7 months

Crazy is that you have to wear masks outside. In Denmark we have never used mask outside in public areas and we don't have any major problems with corona at all.

Last week our government also removed the mandatory mask inside public areas like shops/malls transports as well.

All we hear is these horror stories from Italy/US/mexico and india. The staff at our hospitals didn't even use mask until it was required to do so.


jen / Hace 7 months

As it is at the moment we in the Uk are nota allowed to go to Spain anyway. However, I will not be going until the mask wearing is dropped. I have had two vaccinations and that is enough. We do not have to wear masks here in the open so I prefer to stay here.


Juan love / Hace 7 months

Asia was also the first place where many millions of people started dying first Adam - so probably not the best example?


Juan love / Hace 7 months

Yes Adam, if you can't trust those Chinese, who can you trust?


Jonas / Hace 7 months

Probably 30% plus not wearing masks yesterday in palma nova ,another 30%incorrectly.people have had enough.


Adam / Hace 7 months

Crazy , Mask´s are the only way to safeguard yourself from infection and getting the virus , take do what you want to but if people chose to wear a Mask they should not be targeted for doing so , in Asia people have been wearing masks for years .