Mayan Queen IV in Palma.

Mayan Queen IV is a 93 metre superyacht that belongs to Alberto Baillères, a Mexican billionaire whose business interests include mining, silver, department stores and insurance.

The yacht is currently at Club de Mar in Palma, having come from Tarragona. Built by the Hamburg shipyard Blohm & Voss, the yacht was launched in 2008 and is valued at 140 million US dollars. With five decks, there is capacity for sixteen plus 24 crew.

In August 2018, Australian Instagram influencer and model, Sinead McNamara, who had been working as a crew member on the yacht, was found dangling in a tangle of ropes at the back of the yacht. She died while being airlifted to hospital. This was when the yacht was in Kefalonia. Greek police found no evidence of foul play, and her death was ruled as suicide.

Sr. Baillères was in Mexico at the time of the incident.