Johnson: foreign holiday.

Johnson: foreign holiday.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said this morning he was not ruling out going abroad for his summer vacation this year as the government mulls easing restrictions on travel for those who have had two COVID-19 vaccination doses.

"I think that the whole double jab process is offering the real prospect of opening up to travel, and we'll be setting out a bit more later on," Johnson told reporters.

Asked if he would take a trip abroad, he replied: "I'm going to see how we get on, and I'm certainly not ruling it in or ruling it out."


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yes2freedom / Hace 7 months

nice PR stunt again by bojo aka Wurzel gummage ... right when some 2500 fat cats from UEFA will be exempt from quarantine for the EURO games this LIAR brought in a new law at 0400am to change the rules as and when they like. disgusting people these politicians. Nuremberg awaits with the rest of them


John Parkinson / Hace 7 months

Fear not ,the EU ,that is Germany and France say residents of the U.K. should not be allowed to travel . Will be interesting if Spain agrees! Gives more time to shop round for next year,guess what,prices to Balearics much more expensive than say Greece and that’s before car hire,taxis,etc Still politicians in the EU are not reliant on tourism for their wages!


Ian / Hace 7 months

We have to get back to normal at some point. Vaccinated people pose little risk to themselves or others when traveling. This virus will be around for many years and you can’t hide away on “your” island forever. I notice it’s the selfish expats who want to cocoon themselves away, but please spare a thought for all the locals who have had a very hard time financially, their livelihoods are on the line here.


Gazza / Hace 7 months

Yeah, come to Pollenca, beaches closed, again, for sewage spills. Enjoy your holidays


James w / Hace 7 months

Does this vaccine work? If it does then what's to worry about all of the vulnerable are protected now. We will always have variants of a virus, these will be more contagious but will weaken. The scaremongering of the Delta variant is causing more cases but no more deaths. Its a scare tactic to achieve more vaccine uptake. Its time to move on with life. Everytime anew variant comes about are we all going to jump in the bunker and hide?


Tom / Hace 7 months

Pls do come all you Brits, and others, and bring more of the new variants to Mallorca. Suggest you all read the German Mallorca newspaper, where Spanish papers today announced more than 300 plus school kids from all over Spain caught corona on Mallorca last week , while partying end of school year . Corona numbers also going up here steadily, as in UK, so really makes sense for more and more people, to come, instead of restricting it and taking precautions... but local government here is too afraid and will let a lot of people first get infracted as long as they can make money on tourism till end Aug and only then in Sept will they act, when its too late to contain, and we all here need to go back into lock downs... great cannot wait ! thanks Armengol...and do let us know if you and Boris are taking some vacation time to some far off destination.I can recommend for the two of you India, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and Brazil, definite Hotspots these days . Dont worry about Covid.


Joan / Hace 7 months

Agreeing with Alan. Detecting a lot of arrogance in that statement, why would you imagine that you can travel wherever you want to and spread your contagion levels to them. Twat...


Alan / Hace 7 months

On the assumption that other countries that aren't at the same level of vaccination and contagion levels allow you in of course. Britain doesn't decide other country's policies...