Mass vaccination centre, Palma. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


The Ministry of Health has decided to bring forward the 2nd dose of the Covid vaccine for those aged 60-69, because the Indian strain of the disease is increasing in the Balearic Islands and has been identified in 24% of infections.

The presence of the British variant, or Alpha, has fallen from 85% to 55%, but the Delta strain is posing a risk to people who are not been fully vaccinated, so 60-69-year-olds who’ve had their first dose of AstraZeneca, will get their second vaccine sooner than expected.

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In the meantime, all 60-69 year olds are advised to take extra precautions to prevent infection. 85,600 have received one dose of AstraZeneca and 24,726 have had both jabs.

In the meantime, vaccination of the 30-34 age group will begin this Monday and IB-Salut is confident that immunisation of those aged 19-29 will begin in less than 10 days.