178 new cases in Mallorca. | Pere Bota

Sunday information from the Balearic health ministry indicates 303 new positive cases of coronavirus, 70 more than on Saturday and four more than on Friday. The positivity test rate is 8.48%; Saturday's was 6.76% and Friday's 7.68%.

Of the 303 cases, 178 are in Mallorca, with a test rate of 8.76%. There are 77 in Minorca (test rate 22.65%) and 13 in Ibiza. The other 35 relate to people without assigned residence.

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There are 49 Covid patients on hospital wards, one more than Saturday - 35 Mallorca (down one), six Minorca (no change), eight Ibiza (up two). In intensive care, there are ten patients in Mallorca (two more than Saturday), three in Ibiza and one Minorca (no changes).

As noted on Saturday, weekend information is not as comprehensive as on weekdays.