Palma's percentage is very low.


According to figures from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in February this year there were 27,703 holiday rental properties in the Balearics (175,157 places). These represented 4.7% of the total housing stock, the highest percentage in the country. Only two provinces - Alicante (33,391) and Malaga (31,736) - had more properties. In terms of percentage of all properties, the Canary Islands were second on 3.6%.

The INE reports that, with the exception of the Canaries, there was a decrease in the number of holiday rentals in all regions of the country between August 2020 and February 2021. However, there have been examples of increases at municipality level, e.g. Santanyi up by 6.8%. Of all properties in the municipality, 12.39% are holiday lets.

Buger has the highest percentage of all - 29.46%. This isn't just the highest in the Balearics, it is the highest in Spain. Pollensa, with 23.22%, is fifth in the country, but it is far bigger than Buger and over a thousand properties are holiday rental.

Other percentages include Alcudia (16.68%), Deya (14.84%), Escorca (13.22%) and Fornalutx (18.56%). Palma's percentage, by contrast, is just 0.81%. Apartment holiday rentals are prohibited; officially at any rate.

* The INE gathered data from websites, and its figure for the Balearics is lower than that given by other sources but higher than the registered number as of last August.