The doorman was arrested by the National Police. | MDB


A 46-year-old doorman was arrested last Friday after he had attacked a tourist with an expandable baton.

On Friday evening, several people phoned the National Police emergency number to report that a tourist had been attacked at the Bamboleo bar on Carrer Pare Bartomeu Salva in Playa de Palma. This street is more popularly known by its German nickname of 'Schinkenstrasse' (Ham Street).

Officers spoke to the tourist, who explained that he had been inside the bar watching a Euro 2020 football match. He and his companions were singing but were not making much noise. A waiter told them they would have to leave when they had finished their drinks. Two other employees then showed up and forced them outside. One of the doorman, according to the tourist's version of events, struck him from behind on the head with a baton.

He needed to be taken to Son Llàtzer Hospital. A wound required several stitches. Witnesses corroborated the tourist's story. The doorman told police that there was an argument during which he pushed the tourist, who hit his head when he fell. This version lacked credibility and he was arrested and charged with an offence causing injury.