When the curfew was lifted in Mallorca. | Archive


The newspaper El Mundo is reporting the contents of a document from the national health ministry's public health commission to which it has had access. This proposes the urgent closure of nightlife venues and an assessment of establishing "nighttime limitations on mobility" - in other words, a curfew.

The commission refers to the need to "mitigate the exponential increase in cases that is occurring in Spain". Any proposals it makes would have to be referred to the Inter-Territorial Council for the National Health System, but they may not get that far. The national minister for territorial policy, Miquel Iceta, has firmly stated that the government is not considering reintroducing a curfew.

In Catalonia, where coronavirus incidence is the highest in the country, the government has ordered a closure of nightlife (indoors) only some days after there was a reopening.

In the Balearics, there has been a partial reopening (e.g. cocktail bars), the government having delayed any further relaxation. There is due to be a cabinet meeting on Friday to decide what measures may be needed to contain the spread of the virus, but with the government also not wanting to harm economic recovery.

Regarding curfews, regional governments would have difficulties with imposing these because of rulings by the Supreme Court and also because there is no state of alarm.