Tourists on the beach in Mallorca. | David Arquimbau Sintes - pmv - EFE


The increase in Covid infections and the arrival of the Delta variant in the Balearic Islands are being reported by foreign news outlets, particularly in England, Germany, the Netherlands and France.

Financial Times.

A fifth Covid wave in Spain was the cover story of the Financial Times on Wednesday, and it’s been picked up by the French newspaper Le Monde, which states that “the new wave in Spain is spreading at a spectacular speed.”

“The increase in cases is down to social gatherings, illegal street drinking and greater mobility at a time when people are travelling through Spain on vacation. The country has eliminated almost all its national restrictions,” the article states and warns of the threat posed by the Delta variant. "The growth of cases in Spain comes at a delicate time for its economy which is dependent on tourism and the months of July and August are crucial.”

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The French newspaper also attributes the increase in infections to "meetings between unvaccinated young people who want to party" and advises a return to wearing face masks outdoors in the short term.

“The Government is panicking over the Delta variant and holidays in Mallorca are in danger,” screams the digital edition of German tabloid, Bild.

The German press claim the expansion of the new Delta variant may jeopardise summer holidays and are calling on the Balearic Government to take more critical measures.