The health situation in the Balearics will be evaluated on Friday. | Pere Bota


President Armengol said on Tuesday that the health situation in the Balearics "is not comparable" with that of other regions where Covid restrictions have again been adopted.

The president was asked at a press conference about measures in Catalonia and Valencia. There is a curfew between 1am and 6am in 32 municipalities in Valencia as well as limits on social gatherings, which is also the case in Catalonia. She distinguished between a "slow de-escalation" approach in the Balearics with that of other regions which decided to open "a significant part" of their nightlife. "We are in a different situation that is not comparable with other regions."

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Armengol explained that the health situation in the Balearics will be evaluated on Friday and that "proposals" will be considered this week. However, she insisted that the current high number of coronavirus infections does not compare with the previous wave of the pandemic. This is because vaccination "is accelerating a great deal". Half a million people have been fully vaccinated, and this number is reflected in the situation in the hospitals and in mortalities. (Since the start of May, there have been 24 Covid deaths, the great majority of these having been verification of deaths between January and March.)

The vaccination and the hospital situation "allow us to balance the daily lives of the people and economic activity". She added that restrictions have previously been introduced because of pressure on the hospitals, something which is not occurring now.

Even so, the president restated a call for individual and collective responsibility, as many people are yet to be vaccinated. "We have to try and lower the number of infections. It is not good to have such a high cumulative incidence." Herd immunity is expected to be achieved in August, and so she stressed the continuing importance of wearing masks outdoors when safe distance cannot be guaranteed.