New immigrant centre being built in s'Aranjassa. | Youtube Última Hora - Youtube: Ultima Hora


A temporary care centre is being built in s’Aranjassa, to provide medical care for immigrants arriving in Mallorca via patera.

It's being constructed close to the Emaya Wastewater Treatment Plant, which surprised s’Aranjassa residents who claim the first they knew about it was when the construction team turned up on Tuesday.

Insiders say the new centre is strictly for the temporary care of immigrants, who definitely won’t be allowed to stay long term and that immigrants will not be sent from the mainland.

The immigrants will only be taken to the centre if there are mass arrivals, if there only a few they will be processed through the usual circuit.

The creation of the centre is no doubt being prioritised after images emerged of more than thirty immigrants lying on the concrete floor of a garage at Police Headquarters in Palma, while their paperwork was processed. Some of them had tested positive for coronavirus.

Before the pandemic, immigrants who arrived in Mallorca via patera were transferred to the cells at the Superior Headquarters and if there were a lot of people they were sent to other units, such as Sant Ferran barracks, but the coronavirus crisis made this option unfeasible.

Last year a space was made available at Palma port, which worked well when there were no cruise ships arriving in Mallorca.

There is no Internment Centre for Foreigners in the Balearic Islands, so the immigrants are usually moved to other centres in Madrid, Barcelona, Murcia, Valencia, Algeciras, Tenerife or Las Palmas de Gran Canaria after a few days.