Palma Airport-s'Arenal tram line. | Ultima Hora

The Balearic Government wants to use part of the old train track to Llucmajor to construct a tram link between the airport and s’Arenal.

Three possible routes are being considered, according to the Environment Commission.

Route 1: Front line of Playa de Palma, except for an area where it deviates in front of Ses Fontanelles and the Aquarium.

Route 2: Second line of Playa de Palma along Calle Marbella with a separate round trip line because the streets are very narrow.

Route 3: Third line of Playa de Palma, which is incompatible with the train route and has already been considered unviable, because the whole area has been urbanised.

The Government has requested a report from the entities affected by the construction, including the State Aviation Safety Agency.

The Sustainable Mobility Planning Service has pointed out that reducing pedestrian spaces will not be allowed.

"It would not be acceptable to reduce the quality of pedestrian spaces that has been achieved in recent years," the report stated.

The Environment Commission has requested additional information from the Ministry of Mobility and pointed out that an infrastructure demand study is essential to justify the project.

The Commission has also demanded that any construction work take heritage elements, such as the Pont des Jueus into account.

Plaza de España

The first section of the tram will connect Plaza de España with the airport, and from there it will be extended to s’Arenal.

‘Limonium Barceloi’

The Balearic Environment Commission’s document states that the tram works could endanger the Limonium barceloi, endemic species, which is of great environmental value in ses Fontanelles and that measures must be taken to prevent any impact on this species.