Government measures are expected to be announced soon. | Miquel À. Cañellas


On Friday, President Armengol asked for there not to be speculation about the possible reintroduction of a curfew. Armengol said that the government and the health ministry are studying measures and that these will be made known next week. It is a mistake, she stressed, for all opinion to be about serious measures that "affect the Balearic population".

It is understood that the government is, for now at any rate, ruling out a curfew. It would be a measure of "last resort". Limitations on social gatherings may well be one of the measures that will be brought back.

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The president accepted that the increase in infections is worrying, but she was confident that the tourism season, "which has started well", will last for many weeks. The current wave of infections "has nothing to do" with previous ones. This is because of vaccination and also because the increase in infections is not translating, for the moment, into pressure on hospitals. The situation in hospitals is "well controlled". Neither the wards nor intensive care units are being overstretched.

She reiterated the need to look beyond the cumulative incidence and at the health and hospital care that the Balearic Islands have as a tourist destination. Despite decisions by the UK and Dutch governments, she emphasised that mobility is "being maintained" because of the Covid certificate and that the islands are "an absolutely safe destination".