Car with a damaged mirror.


There has been a spate of vandalism in Magalluf, with cars the main target. On Wednesday morning, for example, a dozen residents discovered that their cars had been vandalised; they were in a car park on the corner of Notario Alemany and Lope de Vega. Mirrors were broken, wipers had been torn away and windows smashed.

One resident says she can't understand how anyone can "get any fun out of doing this". It will cost her some 300 euros for repairs, but right now she doesn't have the money, so a mirror has been temporarily restored with the aid of a couple of screws.

She hasn't reported this to the police, as they say that there aren't any cameras and so they're unable to do anything. She and others believe the vandalism is the work of young tourists. "Is this the type of tourism we want"? They may believe this, but they don't have proof.