National Police in Palma, Mallorca

Police traced the attackers to a villa in Arenal.

18-07-2021Miquel À. Cañellas

A 27-year-old Dutch tourist remains in a critical condition in Son Espases Hospital following a savage beating in Playa de Palma in the early hours of Thursday morning.

He was beaten to the ground and kicked in the head and was one of a group of five Dutch visitors - another of whom was left unconscious - who were attacked by a gang of thirteen, also Dutch. Aged between 18 and 20, they had been ejected from a Playa de Palma club and then went on a violent rampage, attacking people at random.

Images were captured on security cameras. Police searched for them in hotels, but they weren't staying in a hotel. They were at a villa in Arenal. Eight of the group, knowing they were being hunted, managed to get on the first available flight back to the Netherlands. One other was arrested at the airport. He had waited in order to hand the villa keys back to the owner. The other four did not take part in the attack.

Information about the eight has been sent to the Dutch police.


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Dutchman / Hace 5 months

Just read in the dutch news that he passed away. Only losers in this case.


Harry / Hace 5 months

I am deeply ashamed for my compatriots. I know Majorca as a friendly and welcoming place, the misbehaviour of these boys is embarassing for all of Dutch. I hope they will be before a Spanish courts soon, but am afraid a rich daddy will find a creative lawyer to delay this to the max. May Justice run its course. I wish the victim a full recovery although it sounds rather bad.


Cliff Bennett / Hace 5 months

I pray the 27 year old makes a full recovery, so the Dutch have yobs as well, makes a change as its usually ours in the UK that get the press for this type of thing. Lets hope the authorities in the Netherlands arrrest thoses involved.

Never happened in my day we had better things to do and a fear and respect for the law .The world has definitely taken a step backwards in my life time. What with wars, the environment, dictatorships, plus the upturn in violence overall horrifies me. One would think with all the advances made over the last fifty years the world would be a better place but no its not.