Tourists drinking in Playa de Palma. | josé Antonio Ramírez


Palma City Council thought banning mini-markets from selling alcohol after 22:00 would stop people drinking in the streets late at night, but of course that didn’t work because they just buy their supplies during the day instead.

Now the Council is asking hoteliers in Platja de Palma to monitor and control how much alcohol guests have in their rooms.

We are trying to stop illegal drinking and we have spoken with the hoteliers, because in Playa de Palma tourists are buying alcohol in the morning and storing it in their hotel rooms for later. So, even if the premises are closed and the sale of alcohol is prohibited after a certain time, illegal drinking continues,” admits Seguretat Ciutadana Councillor, Joana Maria Adrover.

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“The City Council has told us that there is a problem in this regard and we have discussed it with our Associates, added Playa de Palma Hotel Association President, Isabel Vidal.

Each establishment has different measures based on the type of clientele they have and many are already monitoring how much alcohol guests are taking to their rooms, because they are only allowed to bring a limited number of drinks back to their hotel.

We have been asked to inform clients about the excess law, which is something we have always done and will continue to do. We have a very good relationship with the Council and the Police and we talk every week to see what we can all do to help, each party has to do their bit,” adds Vidal. “Many topics have been tabled and the control of alcohol in rooms is one of the issues that has been discussed. Communication with Palma City Council and the police is constant and absolute.”

Illegal drinking can result in penalties of up to 3,000 euros.