Crowds in the streets in Palma.

Crowds in the streets in Palma.

19-07-2021Ultima Hora

It’s been illegal to drink in the streets in the Balearic Islands since before the pandemic began, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of people holding illegal drinking parties in the streets and on industrial estates.

From Saturday people who don’t live together are banned from meeting in private homes between 01:00-6:00 and anyone taking part in those gatherings will be fined at least 1,000 euros. If a person is coronavirus positive or has been in close contact with someone who has Covid, the penalty will be 2,000-5,000 euros.

The owner of the property where after hours parties take place must reveal who the promoters are, or they will be fined.

People caught drinking in the streets illegally or mixing with people they don’t live with between 01:00 and 06:00 will be fined 1,000 euros.

The Decree Law 11/2020 modifications will be approved by the Government Council on Tuesday.

Government Spokesperson and Tourism Minister, Iago Negueruela, has recommended that face masks be worn, but they are not compulsory.

Bars and restaurants will close at 01:00 from Saturday with a maximum of 4 people allowed per table inside and 8 outside.


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Tom / Hace 6 months

Don't know why young people would even consider coming to the Balearics these days, as nothing is open to entertain them at night. Suggest all party loving people from Europe all fly to London and Manchester and party there, as there all is open, few restrictions, and its party heaven, and the weather for once is not bad at all in the UK.... costs only 20 pounds to fly to the Uk, cheaper than a bottle of vodka on Mallorca. A secret location for a good street party is at the following address... No10 Downing Street. Your secret hosts name is Boris J . pass it on.


James T / Hace 6 months

Fines followed by big sticks and police dogs. We live in hope!


Roger / Hace 6 months

Unless there is zero tolerance on such activities, and whilst there is a 'wish-washy' approach on the part of a 'wishy-washy' government, this situation will not be brought under control. I am reliably informed that the same situation existed 30 years ago, then diminished bit by maybe its better to keep all such 'out of control' people corralled into 'night clubs' and or other venues....then hopefully they will only be causing each other problems rather than distributing their anti-social behaviour amongst more discerning members of society....because at the moment the situation is completely out of control. Using a very loose comparable, Egypt chooses not to round up, and simply cannot arrest, all of its dissidents / troublemakers, but keeps them under observation and control in a limited number of locations......If this is the best that can be offered from a government devoid of initiative and responsibility this may be better than nothing....sad but realistic.


David Martin / Hace 6 months

I agree with harsh fines, people know we are in a pandemic crisis, so they should abide the laws for not infect other people, if you don't follow the rules pay a substantial fine.


Tom / Hace 6 months

Impossible to control or execute by the police as no whete near enough police on the island ro control the bever ending stream of tourists!