A change in direction in Spain.

A change in direction in Spain.


If a general election was held in Spain today the left-wing coalition of Pedro Sanchez would be voted out of office and replaced by a right-ring coalition headed by Pablo Casado.

The centre right Partido Popular would take a 28 percent share of the vote winning between 121 and 125 seats in parliament, making them the most voted party, according to a poll from our sister newspaper Ultima Hora.

They would need the support of the far-right Vox party to give them a majority in parliament. The vote share of the Spanish Socialist Party of Pedro Sanchez would fall giving them 24 percent of the vote.


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Sara O. / Hace 3 months

That was yesterday’s news. Today’s polls show a different story. But what is the point of these almost daily polls when we aren’t yet half way through this legislature?! There are over two more years to go to the next general election and an awful lot could and probably will happen between now and then. I shall be voting on the situation then depending on whether the current government has done a good job of economic recovery or messed things up and what proposals the current opposition has to offer.