Covid passports could be needed for bars and restaurants.

Covid passports could be needed for bars and restaurants.


You could have to present your Covid passport, showing that you have had both vaccinations to watch Real Mallorca play football next season or attend a music concert.

The Balearic government is looking at ways to contain the recent growth in the number of Covid cases and the vaccine passport could be the way forward. So far in excess of 100,000 people have applied for the passport.

The local authorities are not ruling out the possibility of asking for the Covid passport if you go to a bar or a restaurant.


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Rich / Hace 6 months

Quite simply tyranny on the back of an experimental vaccine. Orwell couldn't have dreamt this up. People are already getting reinfected having had the vaccine. Not only are we having an experimental drug but now we are the guinea pigs in a social experiment.


Rich / Hace 6 months

I predicted 'covid camps' more than a year ago. How long before the unvaccinated are herded up? Citizenship revoked and the vaccinated whipped up into a frenzy.....sounds like history repeating.


Franco / Hace 6 months

The only clown is James W, thank goodness we are giving Majorca a miss this year with anti vax people like him around. Glad to be spending our post Brexit pounds on a good value for money in the UK. Enjoy your empty island James.


Dais / Hace 6 months

I always been on side of personal choice even with the vaccine, but I have started to realise that is overlooking social responsibility, this was highlighted when two of children's friend both in their mid twenties were infected in a party. One of them so sick that she is still in hospital and on oxygen, the other recovering at home and in her words " still feel like I live in a Sauna". I know there are downside to the vaccine, I have read so many articles and reports , watch so many doctors on youtube channel , but the fact is this beasts of a disease is so unknown that if a vaccine can help to lower the death or long complication, I would take my chance with it again, if not for myself but for those I come in contact with. People talk about % recovering, but I compare the yearly death rate of my country from Pre- Covid to Covid years.


James w / Hace 6 months

We are living in a world full of clowns


James w / Hace 6 months

I wondered how long it would take for Spain to follow suit. Disgusting on so many levels pushing people into a experimental vaccine whatever your views on the vaccine, this medical tyranny in supposedly democratic societies. Government have lost the plot, I don't even think governments are in control anymore. They've been taken over by bigger players. Sad sad times I worry for my kids and what the world is becoming over this virus that 99.5% of people survive


2liberty / Hace 6 months

two tier social system that discriminates people. it is funny how this is playing out all over the world now.. are the people of Spain going to accept this? it should be your choice regardless of the reasons to have something put in your body. masks & pcr tests now not valid ?? move the goal post to force vaccination. so many people that are pro vaccines may not be able to take it for good reasons due to no real data for these vaccines. this is madness and no democracy, this is discrimination on steroids


northbound / Hace 6 months

Papers Please!


Lawrie / Hace 6 months

This nonesense won't end until they have vaccinated all of the populations. There are darker days ahead for sure. They will eventually threaten those of us who resist with arrest as enemies of the state. Far fetched? You wait and see.


truthoveropinion / Hace 6 months

Welcome to 1984.