Covid graph of active cases on the Balearic Islands for Friday July 23. |


The Regional Ministry of Health yesterday reported 814 cases of covid-19 and that the number of hospitalised patients has risen from 235 to 261, an increase of 11%.

According to the Government’s daily report, there are 39 patients with covid in intensive care units (five more than on Thursday), occupying 14 % of the beds, and 222 infected patients on hospital wards (21 more).

The positivity rate of diagnostic tests is 12.6 % and the total number of coronavirus patients treated by the health service is 9,594, 5 % more than the previous day.

The cumulative incidence over 14 days for the islands as a whole is 798 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In Mallorca it is 723, 1,249 in Ibiza, 837 in Minorca and 520 in Formentera.

In Mallorca, where 595 of the new positive cases were been detected, 184 people have been hospitalised, 30 of whom are in the ICU, and another 7,097 people infected with covid are at home or in covid hotels. In Ibiza, 146 infections have been diagnosed in the past 24 hours, 47 people are hospitalised on the ward, five in ICU and 1,850 under the supervision of Primary Care.

In Minorca there are 70 new cases, 25 people hospitalised, four of them in the ICU, and 588 infected people are at home or in their hotels. In Formentera, with three positives detected, there are 59 people recovering at home.

On Thursday 11,649 doses of vaccine against covid-19 were administered, bringing to 1,229,898 the number of people inoculated since the beginning of the pandemic.

A total of 713,153 people have received at least one dose, 68.9% of the target population, and 585,913 have already received the full course, 56.6% of citizens over 11 years of age.

To date, 51 users of nursing homes have been infected by the coronavirus, as well as 40 workers in these centres.