Guardia Civil Officers in Puerto Andratx.

Guardia Civil Officers in Puerto Andratx.


Every summer, a gang of watch thieves target tourists in Puerto Andratx and they’ve struck twice in the last week.

A motorbike rider allegedly sidled up to some tourists last week and grabbed a 100,000 euro watch from the wrist of one of them, then took off.

Shortly after midnight on Friday, suspects allegedly followed tourists as they drove through Andratx, confronted them and stole a 20,000 euro watch.

The victims of the second robbery were able to give Police a description of the car and the licence plate number and Andratx Local Police are trying to locate the suspects.


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Marvin the Martian / Hace 6 months

Perhaps you’re right Paco but just swap your comments as if they are about the UK for example and all of it is equally true for there. Probably much the same for many other counties too. So don’t feel too sorry for us, eh? My take away from the actual story is who in this universe would spend 100 thousand €s on a watch?


Paco / Hace 6 months

I feel sorry for those of you living on Mallorca. Corrupt and inept government, rising crime, high prices, crowded, terrible traffic, dirty beaches, roads closed summer and winter, unfriendly people (foreigners and locals alike, except for the deep countryside). Used to be a wonderful island. Today, I would not buy a house for by dog there.