Tourists party in Playa de Palma.

25-07-2021Youtube Última Hora - Ultima Hora

An illegal drinking party in Playa de Palma with more than a thousand tourists was broken up by Police in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The partygoers, who were mostly Germans in their 20’s, were on benches near Linos bar, with music blaring from portable speakers and chanting Viva Suiza, in German. They are all facing fines of at least 1,000 euros.

Police and security forces on foot, on motorbikes, in cars and vans cleared the tourists from the first line of the promenade within 10 minutes and a rubbish truck collected the waste that they left behind.

Taxi driver, Toni Oliver witnessed the scene in Playa de Palma.

"This is crazy," he said. “I don't like seeing this happening at all, but I have to make money and tourists are the ones who put food on my table.”

Local Police also set up traffic controls on the Paseo Marítimo in Palma to prevent young people partying in the streets.

Plastic fences were used to block the entrances to the Son Castelló industrial estate, which were guarded by patrol cars.

The problem is, all the clubs in the Balearic Islands are closed and when the bars and restaurants close young people have nowhere to go, so they party in the streets.

The Police move them on from the main streets in the city, but they just end up causing havoc in local neighbourhoods.


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Harry / Hace 6 months

@George Cahoon. If you think the Germans are bad, get yourself down to Magaluf. The Brits make the Germans look like saints. Us Brits are the worst.


Roger / Hace 6 months

Whilst Mallorca actively promotes this type of mass market tourism into resorts that have a reputation for this type of tourism this will always happen. The cost of dealing with it, in practical terms and in reputational terms, is very (unacceptably) high to Balearic taxpayers. Other Mediterranean islands don't have such problems because they have never positioned themselves to receive such anti-social tourists with open arms...does it happen in Corsica -NO......does it happen in Sardinia - NO.....Mallorca has actively promoted this market, and the current bunch of politicos appear to be very big supporters of this type of tourism for a variety of reasons - all of which appear to be geared towards them making exhaustive efforts to enhance their diminishing popularity. Things must change or we are entering a downward spiral of reputation, value and quality.


george cahoon / Hace 6 months

Shame on the German youth. No respect for rules. If we do not want this hear then a big fine and a seat on the first flight back to Germany will we be a lesson. We want the tourist money but we want some respect and safety. Shame on them all.


Leo / Hace 6 months

Unfortunately they will not accept they are doing wrong, breaking the law and acting irresponsable. The only solution is more fines, = less booze money. They care only for themselves and no one else.


Badoer's Brother / Hace 6 months

Leave them alone, they are just young people having fun.