Healthcare Personnel in the ICU, Palma. | M. À. Cañellas


The massive increase in coronavirus cases in the last month has made life a lot more complicated for trackers and according to the Ministry of Health, the origin of 60% of infections is unknown.

255 people have been admitted to Balearic hospitals and ICU occupancy is now at 16%, which implies a high risk.

On Sunday 715 new cases were reported, taking the cumulative incidence rate close to 800 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days.

More than 10,000 people are also receiving Primary Care for Covid-19 compared to less than 1,000 a month ago.


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The Government is banking on the new restrictions preventing the spread of the virus and Health Minister, Patricia Gómez has warned that not having the vaccine can have serious consequences.

“People who don’t get vaccinated can end up in the ICU, intubated and lying upside down,” she said.

Minister Gómez stressed the objective in the Balearic Islands is to immunise more than 70% of the population, which is the number Spain has set to achieve herd immunity.

"We are not satisfied with having 70% vaccinated, we want to immunise the maximum number of people as quickly as possible," she said.

"Getting vaccinated is an act of solidarity, it’s not just about personal protection,” added Minister Gómez. ”If you’re not vaccinated you can infect an elderly person, even if they are immunised, which can have serious consequences. We hope to get out of this wave without having to introduce more restrictive measures.”

Minister Gómez insists that the Government has no plans to reinstate a curfew.