Concern over the Balearics.

Concerns over the Balearics.


The British government is "concerned" about the Balearics ahead of the next travel review, according to a report on Sky News.

There has been speculation that Spain could be added to the Amber Plus List which would mean that even those tourists who have received both jabs would have to quarantine when they return home.

The number of Covid cases across the islands have risen over the last few weeks.


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Fred / Hace 6 months

Tim, is it true about why they call you Tiny Tim??? Just asking as those are the rumours.


Alf / Hace 6 months

Mike didn't turn up, nor did that mouthy git Tim. Ended up buying a Family bundle King. 7,200 calories, feeling full 🤢


johnb / Hace 6 months

Totally agree Marvin,it is a serious subject :)


Marvin the Martian / Hace 6 months

@Johnb, you are quite right. It’s all letting off steam, but some Brit did have his teeth knocked out by another Brit in Alcudia a few weeks back and a poor Dutch lad was beaten up and later died last week in the Playa de Palma. It’s horrible to see this sort of thing happen. Letting off steam is one thing but taking it out on others is quite another. Enjoyed the Burger King eat-off commentary Dave.


Paul / Hace 6 months

and the winner is...............Burger King


Dave / Hace 6 months

Im looking forward to the Mad Mike v Angry Alf eating competition. I think Mike will take the first course on points with an impossible whopper over Alfs double bacon king. Both will do the Spicy chicken sandwich for second course but Alf will take the points with the onion rings. Mike will win the last round upping his game with a triple whopper with cheese and mozzerella sticks, sadly Alf will lose on points only managing a rodeo burger and oreo cookie shake.


johnb / Hace 6 months

Don't worry MARVIN as you should know, this is normal for this newspaper. The same people saying the same things every week is just there way of letting off stream in these difficult times. I don't think you're going to see any violence even though now, there's going to be possibly a world title fight outside a burger king!( Who's promoting it? Don (burger) King! I myself don't think it will take place as possibly amber (watch) list is likely to happen and also, as it's being held outside Burger King,both fighters will of course FAIL the weigh in ! Just keep smiling through these difficult times and enjoy the comments :)


Marvin the Martian / Hace 6 months

This thread has obviously not been monitored and the rules of use have clearly been broken numerous times. Should anything happen to someone that is a direct result of insults, threats and actual physical violence then the MDB could be held accountable due to their negligence. Having said all that, the comments section can provide much entertainment. But insults and threats are not acceptable.


Peter P / Hace 6 months

Anyone else going to see if they actually turn up. :-)


Mike / Hace 6 months

Riu sil next to Burger King in Santa Ponca be there 1900: tomorrow we’ll see who’s boss don’t bring any gloves I only do bare knuckle twat