The British Ambassador and the Balearic Minister for Tourism in Madrid today.

The British Ambassador and the Balearic Minister for Tourism in Madrid today.

28-07-2021Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - Balearic government

The British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott held positive talks with the Balearic Minister for Tourism, Iago Negueruela, this afternoon and the ambassador said that he is “optimistic” that British holidaymakers will continue to be able to come to the Balearics.

He said that there are currently 150,000 Britons enjoying a holiday in the Balearics and that under the current conditions of the pandemic he said that he hopes that the British will continue to come to the islands on holiday.

However, both the ambassador and the minister stressed that this is a very fluid and complicated situation but the Balearic authorities and the British government are working closely together to manage developments and keep both parties fully up to speed with all the data regarding covid cases and how the pandemic is being handled.

Both agreed that the meeting was productive and served to further strengthen the close working relationship between the Balearics and the United Kingdom which the ambassador said is the country’s favourite holiday destination and for that reasons he hopes that thousands of Britons will be able to continue coming to the islands this season.


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Paul / Hace 6 months

Is it just me or is this ambassador the most ineffectual ever? Strikes me as A bit of a Tim nice-but dim.


John Little / Hace 6 months

The definition of Ambassador is a man paid to lie for his country when necessary. Anything they say has to be treated with a large dose of politics.


Lisa / Hace 6 months

Really? A helpful meeting??

The Balearics is on the brink of Amber Plus - which will kill UK tourism stone dead.

And they still haven’t clarified whether expats with a double vaccination can travel to the UK - and be treated as vaccinated.

I would say a total waste of time. But maybe they had a nice lunch???



Mike R / Hace 6 months

Let's face it. Most flights to the UK now will be full of us ex-pat residents who haven't been able to see our loved ones for the longest time.

It was all a bit silly. You could be British, hold a UK passport, been double-jabbed with a British vaccine made in Oxford, for God's Sake, and they still wouldn't let you in if you are a resident of this island.


Colin / Hace 6 months

What pearls of wisdom would you ever believe from an ambassador? They live in a tight bubble set far from reality.


Stephano / Hace 6 months

Amber plus will kill the Balearics tourism stone dead if the UK move it from Amber