An increase in the number of employees on ERTE furlough. | Europa Press


The July unemployment figures from the national ministry of employment and social economy indicate that there were 52,835 people out of work in the Balearics. This number is 26.1% lower than in July 2020 (18,712 fewer unemployed) but 40.8% higher than in July 2019.

By comparison with June, unemployment was down 15.8% (9,914 fewer unemployed). Of the 52,835 total, there were 23,241 men and 29, 594 women.

Nationally, the fall in unemployment was the greatest ever for a July - 197,841 fewer unemployed. The total number of people out of work in Spain last month was 3,416,498.

Workers on the ERTE furlough scheme are, for the purposes of the statistics, treated as being employed. The ministry of social security each month gives separate figures for these workers. In the Balearics there was an increase of 2,458 from 21,290 to 23,748 - 10,752 men and 12,996 women.