Artisans in Plaza Mayor, Palma.

Artisans in Plaza Mayor, Palma.

03-08-2021Teresa Ayuga

Palma City Council has decided that Plaza del Mercat in Palma is the perfect place for artisans and traders to sell their wares and the area could soon be full of white tents.

it’s the deal space, with lots of shade and a constant flow of tourists with greater purchasing power,” explains Economic Promotion and Employment Councillor, Rodrigo Romero.

The non-artisanal tents are part of Pimeco’s campaign ‘El comerç surt al carrer’, which was set up in 2016 to boost trade at small and local shops.

The exact number of businesses that can be installed in this new space has yet to be decided.

“This idea has already been offered to sellers and we are open to requests,” said Romero. “Collectives have many alternatives to avoid competing with each other.”

But artisan traders blasted the proposals.

“The installation of a few tents with industrial products less than two metres from us, is unfair competition,” said Claudia Segredo and Patricia Cohen.

There are 22 workers located in Plaza Mayor with a licence to sell at temporary markets and fairs. They claim the new authorised stands sell their products at a much lower price than the artisans.

“Palma City Council’s decision to authorise these tents does not favour Balearic crafts,” they said. “We are already full of shops. It seems to me that what they have done is incorrect because it denigrates our work.”

Palma City Council is also updating authorisations and licenses for Plaza del Mercat.

To get a permit like ours is not easy, you have take an exam then go on a waiting list,” said Patricia Cohen.

The sellers claim that the Inspectors gave a negative assessment of the installation of these tents on Monday.

“The space in Plaza Mayor is distributed for commercial and artisanal sales,” said Councillor Romero. “The decree has been signed and authorised and we are trying to keep everyone happy.”


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