National Police at Palma Airport. | Ultima Hora


A Senegalese man has been arrested in Palma for allegedly abandoning his children at the Airport.

His two daughters, aged 13 and 17, travelled from France to Son Sant Joan on Tuesday, but their father didn’t pick them up.

After numerous calls went unanswered they took a bus to his home, but their father refused let them into the house.

I don’t want you in my house, I don’t want you here and I am willing to go to jail,” he yelled at them, then slammed the door.

Their mother lives in Cameroon and the girls stay with relatives in France on a regular basis.

The teenagers eventually decided to go to the National Police station because they had no place else to go and the Officers called social workers, who took care of the girls.

Police arrested the father and charged him with an alleged crime of abandonment of minors.