General view of the Playa de Palma. | von MM-Freund


The National Police have arrested three Romanians, aged 25, 29 and 33, as alleged perpetrators of crimes against road safety, injuries and disobedience, following a fight that started inside a bar in the Playa de Palma.

Police sources said today that the events took place at around 3.00 am last Thursday. A police motorbike patrol observed a vehicle, without a bumper or front number plate, which was travelling "at high speed and skidded after a sudden turn".

The police set off in pursuit of the car and caught up with it at the roundabout leading to Palma airport. They signalled the driver to stop, but he accelerated and fled.

The officers managed to intercept the vehicle and found that there were three people inside. "Two of them has sustained injuries and had metal bars with what appeared to be blood stains on them," the police said.

They found that the suspects "had been involved in a fight with a group of people". The scuffle had taken place inside a bar allegedly open to the public outside of the hours allowed by covid restrictions.

According to the officers, the dispute started because "one of the young men arrested flirted with a woman from the other group". This started an argument that escalated into a brawl.

Officers from the National Police located the members of the other group in the vicinity of the bar. There were three injured, "one of them with several cuts on his arm".

The victims, according to the police, said that they had had a fight and that "at one point a vehicle tried to run them over and even hit one of them". After this incident, "three men got out of the vehicle with iron bars each and began to hit them".

An ambulance attended to the victim at the scene, stitched up the cuts on his arm and took him to a hospital for further tests.

Officers seized the vehicle and detained the three occupants as suspects. The homicide group of the National Police has taken charge of the investigation.