Palma Local Police, Playa de Palma. | J.S.R.


A Senegalese man has been arrested for allegedly refusing to pay his hotel bill and for attacking the Police.

The defendant lives in Mallorca, but had been staying in a hotel in Playa de Palma. On Monday morning the receptionist called Police after he tried to leave the hotel in Calle Amilcar without paying.

Four Beach Reinforcement Officers who were deployed to the scene say the man was calm when they arrived, but when they told him to collect his belongings he got angry and allegedly punched an Officer in the face.

When the Officer’s colleagues went to help him, the defendant allegedly punched and kicked them.

The Police handcuffed the man who threatened the hotel receptionist as he left, saying: "I'll come back and kill you.”

The defendant was charged with making threats, serious disobedience and attacking Police Officers and has been admitted to the psychiatric unit at Son Espases Hospital.