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Vaccination in the Balearics has slowed.

10-08-2021Yara Nardi

The Balearic health ministry has reported three more deaths from Covid and 332 new positive cases. The Tuesday report indicates that the number of deaths since the start of the pandemic has increased to 880. The test rate for the 332 cases is 7.21% (4,604 tests). Although there are 92 more cases, the test rate is down from Monday's 8.29% (2,987 tests). Mallorca has 252 cases, Ibiza 48, Minorca 29, Formentera three. The Monday report showed Mallorca 220, Ibiza 19, Minorca zero, Formentera one; there was a lack of testing on the other islands.

Covid cases for the Balearic Islands on August 10

The seven-day test rate in the Balearics is down from 10.28% to 9.57%; in Mallorca it is down to 11.38% from 11.98%.

The 14-day cumulative incidence is down from 808.1 to 792.5 in the Balearics. In Mallorca from 740.9 to 724.2 On the other islands - Minorca 513.4 (no change); Ibiza 1375.9 from 1394.4; Formentera 823.3 from 848.5. The seven-day incidence in the Balearics is 290.47; it was 291.58 on Monday.

The 14-day incidence by age group:

Under-16 - 904.12 (from 910.59)

16-29 - 1429.93 (1495.94)

30-39 - 995.13 (1024.22)

40-49 - 676.13 (679.53)

50-59 - 471.66 (473.47)

60-69 - 446.13 (443.57)

Over-70 - 349.08 (340.62).

The number of Covid patients on wards has gone down by 15 in Mallorca to 246. There is no change in Ibiza where the number is 90. In Minorca, there are two more patients (12). In intensive care, there are 70 Covid patients in Mallorca (five more) and 12 in Ibiza (down two). There are five patients in Minorca (no change). ICU Covid occupancy is 25.5%.

Primary care cases in the Balearics are up by 35 to 12,077; in Mallorca by one to 8,953.

Vaccination - 788,608 people in the Balearics have had at least one dose (76.2% of the target population); 621,806 in Mallorca. The number of people who have had the full course is 683,766 (66%); 533,938 in Mallorca.


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James w / Hace 5 months

Could you please tell us how many in hospital are double vaccinated? I think this is really important to know. Israel now is in another lock down with 95% of hospitalisations or ICU being double jabbed. Also America very high hospitalisation of the double jabbed. About 50/50 in the UK. We are starting to see a pattern now 7 to 8 months after mass inoculation that this vaccine doesn't work. I would also bet money on it most of the vaccinated in hospital are suffering from an auto immune response that when re exposed to the virus you suffer so much worse.