A slight increase in Covid patients on wards in Mallorca. | Archive


The Sunday report from the Balearic health ministry indicates 231 new positive cases of coronavirus, 74 fewer than on Saturday. Of the 231 cases, 155 are in Mallorca, 55 in Ibiza, 18 in Minorca and three in Formentera. There were 305 cases on Saturday - Mallorca 247, Ibiza 32, Minorca 25, Formentera one.

The test rate on Sunday is 7.18% (3,217 tests), which is up slightly from the 6.93% (4,401) on Saturday.

The number of Covid patients on wards in Mallorca, which came down over consecutive days last week, has risen by five to 203. There is a decrease of two in Ibiza (66) and an increase of one in Minorca (eleven). In intensive care units, the number of Covid patients in Mallorca is unchanged (71), as it is also in Minorca (six). There is a decrease of one in Ibiza (14). The ICU Covid occupancy rate is down a fraction to 26.6%.

The number of people in the Balearics being monitored by primary care is down a further 537 to 9,962; in Mallorca by 429 to 7,239.

Vaccination - 799,176 people in the Balearics have had at least one dose (77.2% of the target population); 630,087 in Mallorca. The number of people who have had the full course is 704,638 (68%); 550,485 in Mallorca.