Covid vaccination

The Balearic government wants everyone to be vaccinated.

16-08-2021Efe (Nacho Gallego)

The Balearic government wants the Spanish government to approve regulations that will allow regions to insist on double vaccination for access to certain enclosed places, such as care homes.

President Armengol said on Monday that this applies in other countries and that she hoped it will be debated by the Inter-Territorial Council for the National Health System.

The president called on people who work in care homes and hospitals, with vulnerable people or in enclosed spaces to get vaccinated. "If you work in a residence with the elderly, if you work in a hospital and care for sick people, if you work at a health centre, if your work involves risky activities in enclosed spaces, it is irresponsible to go to work without being vaccinated."

She stressed that the whole population needs to be vaccinated, "but for those who have a job where they are with the most vulnerable people, they have a greater responsibility".

Armengol added that the government has "adopted the legal route" in modifying public health law in order to oblige certain groups to be vaccinated, a legislative change that is being processed.


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Rich / Hace 5 months

Forced vaccination of a drug yet to complete its final trials makes me sleep a lot easier at night, especially as its efficacy seems to get less and less each day.


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 5 months

Irresponsible, yeah right. You have to laugh don't you, - is this the same Armengol that changed the ruling (for her friends the hoteliers federation) in order to allow tourists from anywhere to come here without tests a couple of months ago when our contagion rates were soaring ?


Dan / Hace 5 months

So after being double vaccinated you can still catch it and pass it on, seems like some people are missing that point.


James w / Hace 5 months

This obsession with World governments to get everyone vaccinated is strange, especially when it's only emergency approved. People have a right to refuse without enough data. The other countries which have push this on there people have created more division with a 2 tier society and civil unrest. Leave people alone!


Mark Badoer / Hace 5 months

I kinda agree that people should be vaccinated, but that does not mean you cannot carry or spread the virus. It makes no difference whether you are vaccinated or not. You just get less ill if you are vaccinated, so you don´t have to go to hospital and swomp the health system. So what part is irresponsible?

And in a couple of months time, no doubt the obligation to be vaccinated will be ruled un-constitutional.