Waste dumped by containers in Felanitx. | Gori Vicens


In recent weeks, posts on social media have highlighted the piles of rubbish, including household junk, by waste containers in Felanitx.

The town hall, which clears this rubbish away only for more to appear not long after, is aware that it is not a new problem, most obviously in the summer. But it has become more of a problem, it is said, because of the increase in the number of holiday rental properties in the municipality.

A few months ago, the town hall recruited two guards for monitoring rural areas - dumping rubbish by waste containers and also fly-tipping. Over the past month, fifteen fines have been handed out with a minimum penalty of 350 euros. Nevertheless, the problem continues.

A new campaign has therefore been launched to deter the dumping of junk. The town hall has recruited two more people - information officers who will go to waste container points and advise the public that this junk has to be taken to the green point. They will stress that leaving it on the streets is prohibited.

The environment councillor, Catalina Soler, says that at weekends people take out anything they don't want. Some are unaware that this "has a cost". "There is no other choice than to conduct awareness campaigns to see if the situation improves. If not, then there will be fines."