Parking in Bellevue and by the Siestas in Puerto Alcudia. | Andrew Ede

The great holes of Bellevue have at least been partially taken care of - some patching over until autumn and winter deluges bring about their return - and it’s as well that they have been, given the risks posed by all the cars parked everywhere.

The road in the accompanying photo is from the comer of Siesta 1 to the right and one of the two Ceres blocks to the left. It doesn’t do the situation full justice because, for example, you can see spaces where cars aren’t parked. There are times when both sides of the road are full. There’s room for only one vehicle, which naturally creates a bit of a problem if there’s one coming in the other direction - and God help any driver who’s confronted by a refuse truck.

In addition, there are the cars, like the ones here, parked on the corner by Siesta 1. The danger is obvious. It’s impossible to get a clear view of the road, and so a vehicle taking that corner too quickly could collide with another or, worse still, plough into a pedestrian (there’s nowhere else to walk).

Veterans of the area can’t recall the parking ever having been like this. There can also be cars parked on the road that circles the small pond in front of the Ceres block. This has previously been unheard of. Apart from the abysmal condition of the roads, the parking here is absolutely chaotic. There is no other word for it. The time is long, long overdue for all stakeholders - Bellevue, the Siestas and town hall - to sit down and come up with sensible and amicable solutions.

But don’t go holding your breath.