Naked man in Palma, Mallorca

Well, it is quite hot.


On Thursday evening, a man - described by witnesses as "looking like a foreigner" - was strolling stark naked in the centre of Palma. He was apparently perfectly relaxed and greeted passers-by who wanted a photo.

At one point he went to enter a small supermarket but was politely told that he couldn't. He was carrying a backpack, which presumably had some clothes in it, but for some reason put this down and carried on his way before two police officers wanted to have a word.

Sat on a bench, he thoughtfully used a cloth that he was carrying in order to sit down and to cover his modesty while the officers interviewed him.


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mel / Hace 5 months

Colin, what is wrong with the naked human body? Children nowadays have a phone with more inappropriate things at the touch of a button. This isn’t Victorian England. Maybe it would be good place to start unpacking some of your very old beliefs. Where did the fact that a naked man walking down the street becomes perverted. Yes I would say at the very most it’s a little socially inappropriate. But it’s a huge jump to being in children and perversion.


Anatomy / Hace 5 months

Colin, back to your cave


Paul S / Hace 5 months

He was carrying a coffee in each hand and 12 donuts - he was getting admiring glances from the ladies.


Colin Allcars / Hace 5 months

I hope they jailed him. Children shouldn’t be exposed to the perverted whims of people like this.