Bars in Mallorca will still have to close at 1am. | Archive


The Balearic government is extending current Covid regulations in Mallorca by one more week. These specifically concern social gatherings and hospitality opening hours. The current ban on social gatherings between 1am and 6am (except for people who live in the same household) is unchanged but may be relaxed to 2am to 6am next week.

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The government usually reviews measures every fortnight, but it will be considering social gatherings and hospitality in a week's time. For bars and restaurants, therefore, closing time is still 1am, while the numbers of people at tables (maximum of four indoors and eight outdoors) remain unchanged. As with social gatherings, the closing time may well become 2am as from next week.

The social gatherings ban is primarily a measure to try and curb "botellón" drinking parties, but it will have to be lifted at some point, and in Minorca it has been. The 14-day incidence rates per island are a guiding factor, and Minorca has the lowest - 308.4 (Monday's health ministry report).