Holidays to Mallorca.

Holidays on Mallorca.

23-07-2021Miguel Ángel Polo

Spain is expected to stay on Britain´s amber travel list when it is updated this week possibly tomorrow or Thursday by the British government.

Turkey has said that it hopes that it will be removed from the "red list" but Morocco and Jamaica look set to move into the red.

If Spain remains on amber all those travelling to Spain, as long as they have received both jabs, will not have to quarantine on their return.

There had been speculation that the Balearics could move into the "Green List" because of the low level of coronavirus cases on the islands.


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Alan / Hace 5 months

@ Marvin the Martian. She's over-qualifed...


Marvin the Martian / Hace 5 months

@Jacqueline, I understand and agree with your post but with such poor spelling and punctuation have you considered applying for the post of proof reader at the MDB?



For gods sake....will you.... The Balearic Goverment ..NOT except it...We...ALL the Islands are in the AMBER for the rest of the year..and thats it...You/We just have to now exceot that and get on with it.....if the English don't come......there is'nt much you/i/we can do about it SO again...LETS just get on with it and make the most of this season ....WHATS left of it...YES we can Write letters,Protest and carry on complaining..and YES ALL Busness's are suffering....and all those me.that cant/havent been or found work......believe me..i UNDERSTAND....BUT at the end of the day/reality....there's NOTHING else You/Me or the Goverment can do about it....SO..again..lets just get on with it....


Joan / Hace 5 months

False information once again. If you're returning to the UK you'll need a test. Vaccinated once, twice or otherwise, if you're tested positive on your return you'll have to quarantine.