Selling of bar crawls in Magalluf, Mallorca

Selling of all kinds is banned on the beach.


Diego Belmonte, president of the Emytra association of Calvià businesspeople and workers, is denouncing the fact that tour agencies, such as those for student 'spring breaks', continue to illegally organise and sell bar crawls and booze cruises. These are prohibited under municipal ordinances.

Belmonte says these "alcoholic excursions" are sold on the street, on the beach and outside hotels. He adds that he is in possession of photographs and videos that prove this. All this must be eradicated, he insists, in order that Magalluf can have "quality tourism".

Meanwhile, he regrets remarks made earlier this week by Alejandro Jara. After one of his establishments in Magalluf was closed for not complying with Covid regulations, he suggested that Calvia police had displayed excess zeal in enforcing the regulations. Belmonte says that "we are disgusted by these hollow accusations".


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John Law / Hace 5 months

Absolutely right. Stopping their sale in foreign countries is one thing, but the local police should be denounced for allowing them to occur here. Very easy to monitor the street activities properly, even if it requires a seperate authority to assist, there's no excuses for ignoring the acts of vandalism and damages that we're seeing, aling with the noise and riots in a residential street. If the Police continue to fail in Punta Ballena, it should be closed while the licences for tourist-type bars revoked.


Stan. / Hace 5 months

Everything has been tried to clean up Magaluf. If the irresponsible youths did not have this Urbanisation to to get drunk, practice sex and trash Hotel rooms. Then they would go elsewhere. Those businesses in Magaluf would die. Drug dealers would leave, prostitutes would leave along with their Pimps. Crime would almost stop. But there would be a great loss of revenue for all concerned. So Magaluf continues to live.