Problemas at top island beach.


It is one of Mallorca´s top beaches but all is not well at Caló des Moro near Santanyi. Word has spread about the beauty of the tiny cove and this week there have been queues of up to three hours.

The Santanyi council have been forced to employ private security guards in an effort to try and control numbers.

Local residents are not impressed and say that the queues start early morning and last all day. The Santanyi council is trying to limit number but they say that it is almost impossible.

This is what the local tourist industry says about the beach: One of the most instagram-worthy spots on the coast is in the southeast corner of the island. Turquoise waters frame the backdrop of millions of photos every year. Situated at the end of a pathway through a typically Mediterranean landscape, the tiny cove at Es Caló des Moro is an unmissable piece of paradise.